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Design your ego!

EGO! introduces the very first custom electric bike on the market. An E-Fatbike that no one else has and with

free assembly and delivered ready to drive at home!!

The battery is very easy to disconnect and is fully charged within 5 hours. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h, you can cycle for hours alongside traffic and you can effortlessly bridge steep slopes of 30 degrees.


Equipped with 7 gears, a USB port to connect your mobile phone for your navigation, flashing lights, a horn and 20-inch fat tires, you can easily cycle through the streets, on the beach, through the woods and through the snow.

EGO! is an absolute top quality E-Fatbike with no less than 1 year warranty and delivered to your home ready to drive! If you want the frame in a certain color with a certain finish (mat, gloss, high gloss, mother-of-pearl or with metal flakes) and the saddle in a certain color or print, then that is all possible.



Design your own EGO!



blue flakes.jpg

Raw Flakes

Fine Flakes

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When you think of summer holidays, you always think of the sea and sunny beaches. Your thirst with water doesn't stop at drinking it. It fits perfectly with who you are.


You love the lifestyle, the freedom, the breeze of warm salty air, your feet in the hot sand and the sunset at night fall. You are a true Thalassophile. A vivid, social and very energetic personality who is magically attracted to the sea.

The EGO! Beach Lover blends perfectly with this lifestyle. You can change the seat into white, brown, sandy beige, or any color you want, or maybe you would like a print.



Love the sun sparkling on your bike as well, then choose for the ultimate version of the EGO- Beach lover. As a final touch, we cover your blue frame with metal flakes, that will reflect the sunlight to let it sparkle as vivid as you are.

Blue Flakes.png


You are a professional who loves to work hard and reach for the top, but meanwhile you want to be in control. No-one will stop you from reaching your goals. A kind of Rebel in disguise.


'Work hard, play hard' is your lifestyle. You wear a suit, but underneath you love the game and know how to play it.

The EGO! Business suit will fit perfectly with your personality. It will emphasize your character, but still in a business manner. Cool & In control.

Don't forget to enjoy the cross town-traffic jams while you cycle along without any troubles and park your EGO! anywhere you want. Just take out the battery and fully charge it within 3 hours while taking your first coffee, waiting for your colleagues to arrive.

A classy brown saddle with the in-print of your company's

name and logo? No problem...just ask.

Cool business colors.png